In the fall of 2016, the Landes requested SCORE mentoring with the business side of owning a medical practice. 

My successes. 

Since its inception, Landes Eye Associates has shown steady growth and exceeded key financial startup projections. 

How SCORE helped. 

Three months before the Landes acquired the practice, Tom Bender and John Dilworth began working with Allison and Marc to develop a business plan. They also reviewed and adjusted financial forecasts and completed all necessary aspects of pre-starup planning.

Since the startup, we continue meet regularly to followup financial performance, monitor key indicators and help with a range of issues that have surfaced in the startup and growth of their practice. Barb Whiddon and Divya Sriram have also provided assistance to the Landes. In fact, Divya, continues to provide organizational and team building coaching from India by phone and email.

Landes Eye Associates